We only collect data for legitimate processing interests, whereby we collect the data we need in order to carry out the service we offer.  This includes details about your pets and your contact details. Your personal data can be removed at your request at any time.  Other booking information, invoices etc have to be kept on file for seven years for tax reasons.

We store all your information name, address, contact telephone numbers, emails, etc on paper files and electronically in addition to any photos we take of your pet.   If we hold a key we store the keys separately in a locked cabinet away from your personal information and they are only  identifiable with only your pets name.

Please be reassured we never share any of your personal information with any one else.. We may use the photos we take on our website and on social media but they will not be identified with your personal details on.

When contacting us via the contact form online,  please note this email is not encrypted or secure and it is a Hotmail account nor is contacting us by text..