Dog Sitting Service at pet Assist Animal Care

IMG_1623IMG_0225Dog Sitting Service

 in your own home

We at Pet Assist Animal Care can provide

a pet sitting service as much as

needed.  While there we will feed, toilet,

walk ond clean out their  exercise area.

When walking your dog we will ensure they have good

exercise and lots of play fun.  We will give your dog the companionship

he/she needs, in your own home where they are most happy.  

Our Dog Sitting Service is a happy alternative to kennels.  

We can sit any time of day, or evening.


  During these times your pets will receive

a combinatation of on-going visits and pet sitting and walks,

but they  will never be left alone for longer than 3 hours at any one time.

We also offer over night packages. 

If you have multiple animals this can work out cheaper than kennels.

Having a pet sitter in your own home also gives you 

added security while your away.