Dogs Home Visits Service


Dogs Home Visits Service

Pet Assist Animal Care has a Dog Home Visits Service that can ensure 

your pet care stays  within his/her routine, While you are away on holiday or

business, we can visit your dog at home and take care of their needs. By  

being at home in familiar surroundings the dog is more likely to be settled,

 happy and  readily accept visits from our  Outreach Worker.  

We at Pet Assist Animal Care will provide that essential companionship,

care and fun your dogs need.  This may include 

giving any medication that is  prescribed by a vet, walking your dog,

feeding or cleaning their exercise area 


Dogs prefer to relax in their own homes rather than in boarding kennels.

When away from their own environment they can become stressed and 

withdrawn. Especially dogs that have previously been ill-treated, rescued 

and re-homed. Also by staying in their own home they are at less risk of 


picking up kennel cough, fleas etc.

We do not provide boarding facilities for dogs, as I have my own cats at

home. (However, should prefer to board your dog in a licensed dog hotel, then my

family provide this externally to this service, subject

to them mixing with other dogs  and availability).