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Home Visit Service


The Cat Care visits service is the pur-fect alternative to being in catteries.  

All my life I have kept and looked after cats.  I love and adore them and have 7 cats of my own at home who’s names are;  Lenny, LooLoo, Biscuit, Molly, Neisha, Chunky and Angus.  

We can provide your cats and kittens with home visits, in the comfort of their own home. We offer a Pop-in service of 30 minutes each visit, they are priced as 1 Pop-in a day, 2 Pop-ins a day or 3 Pop-ins a day (see price lists). Alternatively you can book Cat Sitting at an hourly rate, for as much time as you like, to feed, play, groom and clean your kitty’s litter tray.

Most cats are territorial and much prefer to stay in their own home, rather than uprooting to a kennel.  They like their own bed, or your bed, in their own surroundings with human contact or with other pets in their household. As long as they are fed and kept clean and have some human contact, they can be left comfortably while you go to work or are away on holiday with visits from ourselves.  Our visits will ensure all your cats needs are fully catered for.  This home visit is especially good for nervous, or elderly cats that may need less stress and need the extra reassurance, and companionship being in their own environment.

We can also offer some over night care, on occasions.

Unfortunately we do not have boarding facilities to board cats.

Kitten Care

We provide Kitten Care for all your kittens needs, e,g. feeding, cleaning out, play and toilet training (see above).

We can monitor the kittens ensuring they are being cared for, by their mum or we can give

a helping hand to rear them.