Scarboroughs 1st cat cafe



I am raising money to make my dream possible to  open Scarboroughs 1st ‘Cat Cafe’ in Scarborough. 

This will be therapeutic  space, where people can come together and enjoy and share my group of beautiful cats. See below for a list of rewards on offer for donating. 

This will be available to the local community who love and adore cats.  This will benefit people who don’t have the privilege of keeping their own cats and those who  maybe struggling with loneliness, with mental health, and disability.

Whilst visiting they can  enjoy stroking cats, while relaxing with a nice cuppa and/or snack.

Spending time stroking  cats is great for your health and well-being. Studies have shown that the act of stroking pets releases feel good hormones, which can  lower blood pressure, help with low self esteem, confidence building and  aid relaxation, plus so much more .

The cafe will  be set up under Pet Assist Animal Care Ltd, which offers local pet care  as well as Counselling  & Animal Assisted Therapy.

Pet Assist will be contributing toward some of the costs, however to make it fully accessible to disabled people the premises will need alterations and  fully furnishing, and so money is greatly needed.

I have premises in mind  within a central location in Scarborough, which will be in easy reach for people, is on a bus route and will be fully accessible.

The main purpose of the cafe is to give people a Cat Experience, which will be realistically and fairly priced. This also creates a Cafe different to other cafes many of which are already in the area.

People will be able to book in online, or walk in and take a seat and while there buy refreshments. Monthly or weekly passes will be available to purchase  which will enable users to come more frequently.

Reward for your  donations:
Donate £5 for your name written on our supporters wall in the cafe
Donate £10  for two admissions  and get a 3rd admission visit  free.
Donate £15 get unlimited free entry for 1 week.
Donate £50 get unlimited entry for one month and 1 free tea or coffee per visit.
Donate £130  get unlimited entry for three months and 1 free tea or coffee per visit.
Donate £250 get unlimited entry for six months and 1 free tea or  coffee and a scone  or cupcake per visit.
All donations will be gratefully received and put to good use to enable the Cat Cafe to open (if for any reason the Cat Cafe does not go ahead and open, all donations will be fully refunded).

Once  the cafe is up and running Profits taken from entry fees will be put back into the business and go toward the cats welfare.

There will be oppertunitys  to sponser a chosen cat and receive a photo in return.  I would also like to link with other cat  charities and hopefully provide more cats with a possible re-home service.

Job opportunities will be hopefully created as well as supported working opportunities for disabled people. Volunteer opportunities will also be available.

A survey has already been completed by Local people giving fantastic results, showing a lot of interest in attending  the  cat cafe  once open  and  many from facebook group ‘Cat lovers in Scarborough’ who’s members are as cat mad as me. Much appreciated.

Now let’s make this Cat Cafe happen in reality!
please please please donate.

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This wheel is my donation to the cat cafe, and so the training begins with Angus having a go.

Angus is getting really good now and loves his wheel

Lennys turn