Boarding & pet taxi prices (from April 1st 2020)

To book please contact Jane 07792847171. We can also now take payments over the phone.

Boarding prices

We can board small furry animals, such as rabbits, chinchillas, guinea pigs etc, as well as birds, tortoise and bearded dragons.  We also board birds such as budgies, canaries, love birds, parrots, cockatiels etc.  Bird ages and vivariums are not provided so you will have to bring these along with their bedding and food for the duration of care.   We have hutches (subject to availability), which are built to RWAF recommendations or you can use one of our indoor guinea pig/rabbit cages.  Our house and garden areas are enclosed, safe and secure.

1 rabbit – £7.00 per hutch per day

2 x rabbits – bonded pair £8.50 sharing same hutch per day

1-2 small birds – £7.00 per cage, sharing same cage per day

Larger birds – £7.50 per bird, per cage per day

1 x guinea pig  – £6.00 per cage per day

2 x guinea pigs, per hutch – £7.50 sharing same hutch per day

3 guinea pigs, per hutch – £8.50 sharing the same hutch per day

1-2 chinchillas per cage, – £7.50 sharing the same cage per day

1-2 rats  – £6.50 per cage, sharing cage per day

Tortoise (heated viv/table  – £5.50 per viv per day

Bearded dragon (heated viv – £5.50 per viv per day

Geckos (non-heated viv)  – £4.50 per viv per day

Hamsters per cage – £3.50 per day

  • If your rabbits or guinea pigs need to be separated in another cage, a sur-charge of £4 per day is payable.
  • If there are more than 2 rats or 2 small birds sharing cages –  a surcharge of 50p extra small bird, 50p per extra rat, £1 per day extra guinea pig, is added to above prices per day.
  • Prices are based on 1-2 pets per cage ( a surcharge of 50p-£1 per day is required per extra pet if adding more pets to the booking same cage.
  • Payment secures your pets place in the diary and cage/hutches. Full payment is required in advance of the care starting.
  • We have hutches (subject to availability) which meet RWAF standard recommendations.
  • Pets receive exercise usually at feeding times and when being cleaned out.
  • Owners must provide food and veg, hay and bedding for the duration of care.  If care is for longer periods then please leave a cash float for us to top up veg supplies, receipts will be kept and money not used given back on your return.
  • Flexible drop off and collection times.
  • Pick up and drop service available at reasonable charges, FREE if booking 14 days or more (within 3 miles).
  • Bank holidays are usually charged at double time, however, if you are boarding multiple pets or boarding them for a long period a discount may be given.
  • Rabbits must be vaccinated against Viral Haemorrhagic Disease (VHD1) and Myxomatosis), preferably 3 weeks prior to boarding, for maximum benefit.

Collection and delivery of pets

£5.50 each way within a 3-mile radius.

FREE for pets boarding for more than 14 consecutive days.

Pet Taxi

Please ask Jane for a quote.