Our Prices

Please contact Jane at Pet Assist for a package price on 07792847171.

We offer a free, no obligation assessment before care commences to ensure we meet the needs of your pet, this is when we collect keys, fill in paperwork and collect deposits or payments. As you can see from the price list  we offer value for money and our prices are very competitive. Also discounts may be available depending on number of pets and duration booked

Prices below are from 1st May 2017.

WALKING (small/medium)
WALKING (Large dogs or badly behaved)
Can involve feeding, cleaning out, toileting, companionship, & play, giving prescribed medication, watering plants, collecting mail, lights on/off.

The charge is for the time needed not the number of pets
Pet sitting in your own home providing pet care and valuable companionship will be walked individually or with other dogs of same householdwill be walked individuallyMaybe pet taxi to and from the vets or kennel.

Examples approx. prices::
Town to Cayton Carr Kennel £20,
Cayton village to Cayton Carr Kennel £15, Town to Cliff Top Kennel £18, Town to Linlands Kennel Cloughton £25
Boarding at Pet Assist premises, (small furry animals like rabbits, Guinea pigs, Chinchillas, Hamsters etc. Or tortoise, bearded dragons etc. Or our feathered bird friends.

1st May 2017
Prices for Boarding pets.

Prices when booking one off 24 hours (each cage) £10.00 for 24 hours.
Visits to care for your patients or clients pets, dog walking.

During hospital detainment admission to Cross lane or other for example
£8.50 per visit for up to a half an hour a day.

*£7.50 per visit when booking 2 visits or more per day.

£14.00 per visit for up to an hour call
£14.00 per hour.

£28.00 over night stay (if booked with no other visits).

* £20.00 a 10 hour night when booked in conjunction with any pop-in visits or walks during the same day.

Add pop-in rate of £7.50 per pop-in to night rate rate if you want frequent care visits while your away.

For example:
Night care 10pm-8am (£20.00) and 2 pop in visits £15.00, 3pm, 7pm total 24 hour period = £35.00

Or for example:
Night care 10pm-8am (£20.00) and 2 dog walks small/med dog£17.00, 3pm, 7pm total 24 hour period = £37.00
£8.50 1/2 hr walk 1st dog
*£5.50 per extra small/med dog

£14.00 1 hr walk 1st dog
*£7.00 per extra small/med dog
If the dog to be walked is larger than a Labrador, or a dog with behaviour problems, then a supplement of £6.00 will be added to the small/medium dog rate for half hour walks or hour walks.
1/2 hr £14.50
1 hour £20.00
Guide price £20 an hour

Please note we are not licensed to carry people.

petrol is charged at 45p per mile.

If unsure then ask Jane for a bespoke quote if you need your pet for a collecting or dropping off at kennels
Longer based boarding care:

1 Rabbit £6.00 per day 1st 7 days stay then 8th day onwards £5.50 p day

2 Rabbits £7.00 per day 1st 7 days stay then 8th day onwards £6.00 p day.

1 or 2 small birds £5.50 per cage per day 1st 7 days, then £5.00 per cage p day 8th day onwards.

Large birds £6.50 1 per cage per day 1st 7 days, £6.00 per cage p day then 8th day onwards.

1 Guinea pig, £5.00 per cage per day 1st 7 days, then £4.00 per cage p day 8th day onwards.

2 Guinea pig, £6.00 per cage per day 1st 7 days, then £5.00 per cage p day 8th day onwards.

Chinchillas £6.00 1-2 per cage per day 1st 7 days, then £5.00 per cage p day 8th day onwards.

Rats 1-2 per cage £6.00 day 1st 7 days, then £5.00 per cage p day 8th day onwards.

Hamsters, £3.00 per cage per day

Tortoise £5.00 per viv (heated) per day .

Bearded Dragon (heated viv 5.00 per viv per day.

Geckos £4.00 per viv per day (non heated)
£25 per visit up to 5 cages
From May 2018 hourly rate will be £15 per hourPets can come in their own cages.

Or you can use one of our hutches (subject to availability) which meet RWAF recommendations.

Owners to provide food, veg and bedding, etc.

(Prices are based on 1-2 pets sharing a cage. for occupancy above 2 pets then a surcharge of 50p may be added per extra pet per day to cover extra cleaning and handling, except for tiny pets like mice etc).
Or if you would prefer a home visit £8.50 per half hour visit or £14.00 an hour. This can work out cheaper for multi-pet households.
All boarded rabbits need up to date vaccinations for VHD & myxomatosis. We do not ask for birds to be vaccinated, as we dont board many at one time, however this is at the owners risk and a signed waiver will be required.

We can provide care for a vast array of pets in your own home from cats, dogs & puppy care, to hamsters, rabbits, tortoise, bearded dragons, chickens and donkeys and horses. Whether your out working, disabled or going away on holiday, or are here on holiday we at Pet Assist Animal Care are here to help.  Be it one off  jobs or regular jobs, home visits which you require, caravan visits or boarding at our premises for your small furry or feathered friends. We offer your pets a lot of love at all times (Please note we cannot board cats or dogs).

We do not offer ‘live in’ as such, but we can stay over the odd night or couple of nights or weekend.  You can add to this any pop-in visits you require or pet sitting to make up the required level care required to suit your pets needs while your away.  Or you can ring me to discuss and I will try to work out a package to suit..

During our first year of business we were members of Pet Sitters Alliance who fully checked us out and insured us.  We are now fully insured through an alternative comprehensive insurance company (copies of our policy can be seen as requested). We only advertise  through some site platforms such as, by signs on our car and at our premises, on our Facebook page and through our website.  We rarely need to advertise in newspapers as we usually work on recommendations by our valued customers.  Please see our  our Face book page for more reviews by our customers and our review page on this website located above on the menu.

Prices showing a * are already discounted prices and therefore any other discounts or promotional offers will not apply.

  • Prices are based on within an approximate radius of 3 miles – petrol prices may be added depending on distance travelled, office to job or job to job and travel time.  For visits of 5 miles or more we would suggest booking the minimum time of an hour  if possible.  This can be discussed at assessment if it applies.
  • Full payment secures your pets place in the diary.   Full payment is due before the commencement of care, or the beginning of each care week. This payment is non refundable if booking is cancelled within 14 days of the commencement of care, or cancelled during that care week. Any payments for bookings made in advance of 14 days of the commencement of care when cancelled, will be refunded in full.
  • Prices above were updated 2.01.16 and do not include Bank Holidays, which are usually charged at double time. (sometimes if a long duration of care is booked then we would be reasonable and not charge for some bank holidays).  
  • If you are looking to  book over a special Bank Holiday day  like Christmas Day, Boxing Day and/or New Years Day  then these arrangements can be  discussed with Jane and prices discussed. 
  • Dog walking and home visits over Christmas – we usually run a skeleton morning service for home visits and dog walking clients for those who cant manage themselves (subject to availability).
  • For boarding pets over the Christmas period – we offer boarding for small furry animals and birds throughout the festive time, (booking is on a first come first served basis).  However, please bare in mind, although we are happy to have and care for your pets while they stay over this period, family time is quite hectic, so therefore we fasten down the hatches from 4pm Christmas Eve, all Christmas Day and all Boxing Day, we open for collections and drop offs on the 27th December, (so no collection or drop off times will be available then). Also no  pet collections or drop offs New Years Eve  after4pm or New Years Day.